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Android – Free Brand Advertisement
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Business Open Source
As I drove home from the office today, I was bombarded by an unusual amount of Android Billboard Advertisements. What is most interesting is that Google did Not pay for any of it, as far as I know!
Got Flash Blues? Dalvik VM to the Rescue!
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Adobe Flash Android Google Java Open Source
Adobe Flash Platform got some bad press lately, and its exclusion from iPad is a major slap in the face to Adobe by Steve Jobs himself. Even though millions of sites out there (including this one) use Flash to liven up things and provide extra interactivity, Apple is willing to leave users to stare at Big Empty Boxes on iPad, rather than add Flash support.


And The Clouds Shall Set Us Free
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Cloud Google Microsoft Programming Strata Open Source Recommendations
There is still about two weeks to Microsoft’s acclaimed Professional Developers Conference 2008, where all (or at least a lot) will be officially revealed. But I want to jump the gun and theorize, or perhaps even Dream, of what’s to come.
Death at a Funeral is even funnier than the title
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Happiness Media Open Source
I hope you are checking out ‘Now Playing on My Netflix’ rubric on the right sidebar of my web site. Last week a movie Death at a Funeral was listed there, as it always shows the movies I have at home.


Free Shows and Videos for Zune and Everyone
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Consumerism Podcasts Technology Zune Open Source
True short story! A lady came up to me as I was coming off the airplane from a recent business trip and exclaimed: "Is This A Zune!?". She continued to explain that she never seen anyone with Zune and she actually has one herself.
Why get your own Dot Com blog?!
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Domain Personal Technology Web Hosting Open Source
When I launched this site, several months ago, a good friend asked me why would I bother the expense, the time and the complexity of having my own separate Dot Com blog, when there are so many other web sites out there for blogging these days.
Video Compression and Toiler Paper
·720 words·4 mins
Consumerism Technology Open Source
Wow, I am thrilled with all the comments and excitement surrounding my recent Geeky post about hand soap. So, by popular request, today’s topic is arguably best Toilet Paper ever.