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Hello World (Again!)
·461 words·3 mins
Personal Hello World JamStack Hugo Gatsby Philosophy
I am Back!!! After unfathomably long hiatus - the World and I have changed much! Hope you are ready for even Crazier writing from me! As you notice, the site is vastly improved!


Finding Life’s Riches
·487 words·3 mins
Philosophy InfoSec Internet
EDITOR NOTE: Recovered from Draft, so Old but Newish Post! While I walk this Earth like (most) of you, I have set myself a goal of Life Long Learning. Perhaps this is one of the reason I find computers so fascinating, as it is a never ending universe that we are constantly creating.
Zen and the Art of iOS
·647 words·4 mins
Apple iOS iPad iPhone Technology UX Philosophy Recommendations
Today I want to reflect on Zen of iOS and overall Apple philosophy. But first, there’s a disturbance in the force that I must deal with. My overall tranquility has been compromised, and by Apple Genius Bar employees, no less.


WARNING: This Blog Post is Simulated
·420 words·2 mins
Media Quantum Reality World of Warcraft Philosophy Recommendations
Lately I felt that I have been posting way too much on Technology or plain fun stuff, and not at all enough on Meaning of Life, as the sub-title of my blog implies.
Cosmic Link
·66 words·1 min
Quantum Reality Philosophy
Right after I spent my whole weekend pondering the question of which Platform to use for this very blog, Mashable comes up with a neat post about all kinds of Host options for your Blog.