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World of Warcraft


Admission – I was a Netbook Holdout
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Technology Videos World of Warcraft Recommendations
Yes, there, I am out in the open now, ready to admit it. For the longest time I’ve been watching Netbooks, saying to myself – it’s really a useless toy, why spend money even?


Amazing Fight Short set in World of Warcraft – Awesome
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Entertainment Weekend Fun World of Warcraft
The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo Be sure to click through to Vimeo to watch in HD (if your connection allows). Also, for the record, I love this music and the whole thing is excellent!
Today is that day!
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Life Balance Personal World of Warcraft
I was going to write some cheesy commentary about how nVidia should branch into making computer CPUs, and finally be bought by Intel, or die out altogether. Coupled with some analysis into the future of multi-core systems and the many cores it takes to run today’s 3D applications, games, OS, and what not.


WARNING: This Blog Post is Simulated
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Lately I felt that I have been posting way too much on Technology or plain fun stuff, and not at all enough on Meaning of Life, as the sub-title of my blog implies.
Learning to Fly
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Gaming World of Warcraft
So, most of you are wondering where is it I disappeared to, for the last few days. Over the labor day weekend I was learning to fly, of course! Actually, at first I just decided to make a push as soon as I hit level 67, to reach 68 in record time.