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Zune 30GB early demise?
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Consumerism Technology Zune
I use my Zune 30GB daily, but not today, thus far. I was afraid to even try today, but decided it is important to, for you, readers. So, found my Zune also Dead this morning, though it was fine last night.
iPhone 2.0 3G GPS and What Not
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3G Consumerism iPhone Technology Zune
I’ve been reading all the live blogging just like the rest of us, all too excited about “what’s next” from the over-hyped Apple brand. Finally Starts at $199 now, finally has built-in GPS (pretty much standard nowadays), and seems to have improved 3rd party apps support.


Free Shows and Videos for Zune and Everyone
·543 words·3 mins
Consumerism Podcasts Technology Zune Open Source
True short story! A lady came up to me as I was coming off the airplane from a recent business trip and exclaimed: "Is This A Zune!?". She continued to explain that she never seen anyone with Zune and she actually has one herself.
SyncToy 2.0 Beta is out!
·334 words·2 mins
Synchronization SyncToy Technology Zune
Ever heard of SyncToy? It’s yet another secret software from Microsoft (much like FolderShare) which is just so awesome that they never advertise it, anywhere. I have been using their 1.
New Zune Software is Great but Buggy!
·1023 words·5 mins
Consumerism Media Technology Zune
This is an early report on the new Zune software, since it just came out this Tuesday (two days ago). It is a major overhaul of Zune Firmware as promised, but the Desktop software redesign seems less dramatic.
Deinterlace your Videos – Silly Amateurs!
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Streaming Video Technology Zune
Seriously, I just can’t take it any more! I am all excited about the release of the newly redesigned Zune software and firmware, which is coming out tomorrow. So, I was thrilled to watch first videos from around the web showing the new Zune features and User Interface.
PodCasts – Coming soon to a Zune near you
·375 words·2 mins
Entertainment Technology Zune
Yes, there is a Zune near you! And if you had your own Wi-Fi enabled Zune, you would see that other Zune and be able to share media wirelessly.