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Solved: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort2
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Microsoft Technology Windows
My son and I went through rather painful ordeal with this Event 11 that Windows quietly generates. It took us few weeks to fully work out why Windows suddenly started hanging, misbehaving or even crashing with blue screen.


The Next Series: Part 3 – Apps Marketplace
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Future Microsoft Next Technology Windows
The Apps Store is all the rage nowadays and everyone says how “Apple Invented this Revolutionary Concept”. As I recall – Windows had a Marketplace for Apps and Accessories going way back… Still, the true revolution in Apple’s iOS is the seamless end-to-end experience of discovering and purchasing / installing Apps.


Windows 7 and Vista Side by Side Adventures
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It was really straight forward to setup side-by-side Windows 7 and Vista on the same computer, simply put them on separate hard-drives (either physical or separate partitions). Installation was no troubles, and I was happily booting between them back and forth as needed, until I hit a snag last night, MAJOR SNAG!
Windows 7 64 Bit – Installation & My First Week
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Technology Windows
As you may have heard from me in the past, I was very impressed with Beta and RC version of Win 7, so I was among the many people preordering a copy when special $50 offer was available for a limited time.
Windows 7 – only $40 at MicroCenter or $45 at Costco
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Microsoft Windows
The title is all you need to know. The special price only at your local MicroCenter store and only for 3 days. Of you don’t have one, check local Costco. Or, I will have a link to Amazon, which promised to deliver on Oct 22, on here later today.
Your Data Is Safe…… Not!!!
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Computer Science Windows
Poor attempt at a Not joke? I had a rough day, but I want to promptly document it for everyone’s benefit. Our story begins during late night hours, somewhere deep in the tough Ulduar area in World of Warcraft Instance.
The Next Series: Part 1 – Simulated Past
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Future Microsoft Next Technology Windows
I have decided to have a few posts focused on discussing what’s next in the world of computing. The idea is to look at progression thus far, and see what makes sense to be researched and improved next.
Windows 7 – Cool, but no 64 Bit for me?
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Microsoft Technology Windows
I think as any responsible techie, I downloaded both 32 Bit and 64 Bit editions of Windows 7 beta, the first day it came out (naturally). Got 2 keys also (one for each edition).


Post 100 – WordPress 2.7 and Other Updates
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Technology Windows WordPress
Having realized that this is a post number 100, I had very hard time to decide what to blog about to make it “special”. So instead, I decided to blog about Nothing (in particular)!
The Simpsons – Mypods and Broomsticks
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Entertainment iPhone Mac Technology Streaming Video Windows
Apologies to all my International blog readers. This is an official Simpsons episode, and I think it only is watchable inside the US right now. I am certain if you do a quick YouTube search, or Veoh, etc, you will find another openly available copy.
More on Vista, plus Virtual PC 2007 and Ubuntu
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DragonCon Linux VirtualPC Windows
Despite the long title, I’ll try to keep this post short. I had two completely opposite experiences with Windows Vista today. First, I don’t think people realize how handy Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is.
Beijing 2008 Olympics – Free in HD On-Demand
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Entertainment Olympics Technology Windows
Today we watched opening ceremony in HD on our big screen. A day late, but I prefer to watch things on my own schedule, even sporting events! The ceremony was Inspiring, especially in all the High Definition glory on the wall.
Web Services? Cloud Computing? Both? Neither?
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Programming Microsoft Technology Windows Yahoo
An important announcement from Microsoft, something called Mesh, is happening tonight at Midnight eastern time. I am into guessing game, again, mostly because it is fun, but also because in a funny coincidence, I left a rather long rant at Yahoo’s own Jeremy Zawodny’s blog.
More on Windows Vista versus Mac
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Dell Mac Technology Windows Recommendations
Yesterday Scobleizer reminded me about the whole Mac versus Vista debate, with his post about Vista on Dell’s Tablet. It seems not only Robert is having that issue, here is an Attorney with similar complaint: … another reason why I prefer Apple computers.


Fix Adobe Flash and watch 11th Hour Trailer
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11th Hour Adobe Flash Global Warming Media Technology Windows
I am continuing to encounter strange Adobe Flash problems in Internet Explorer 7. We have a bunch of PCs here at home, and after upgrade to IE7 several had broken Flash.
Cyber Terrorists have Won
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Antivirus Consumerism InfoSec Technology Windows
It is becoming increasingly clear to me that Cyber Terrorism has won. It has all of us running scared, increasingly not trusting our own PCs, we are afraid to visit even secure bank web sites, and overall don’t trust the Internet.
Plaxo – so far so good + Vista in your XP
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Smartphone Technology Windows
I signed up for Plaxo account today, following a little reminder of their existence. I have been watching their progress for a while, and looks like they are on the right path and have stamina needed to survive rough startup waters.
Windows Vista – I found the WOW!
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Microsoft Technology Windows
Granted, this post is a bit early, I’ve only been using Vista on the my new PC for about a week and a half, but I just had to blog about it!
MP4 on Windows Vista – Part Two
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h.264 Media Center Technology Windows
I am still struggling with exact instructions on creating not just any old MP4 file, but one that is XBOX 360 compatible. It turns out to be very very hard, for unknown reason.
Dell and Game Changing Idea Storm
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Consumerism Technology Windows
Unbeknownst to most people, Dell launched a radically excellent web site to facilitate improved communications with their customers. Dell’s IdeaStorm has a simple, yet powerful, concept. People (presumably Dell users and buyers) submit Ideas of what they would like to see improved/added/changed in Dell’s Products/Support/Services.