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Tivo Disaster – If it Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?
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Consumerism HDTV Tivo Streaming Video Recommendations
It is really basic premise, and I didn’t even invent it. Alas I have to warn other potential Tivo customers, after giving company many chances to make things right and a month of monumental efforts (mostly mine).
Zen and the Art of iOS
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Apple iOS iPad iPhone Technology UX Philosophy Recommendations
Today I want to reflect on Zen of iOS and overall Apple philosophy. But first, there’s a disturbance in the force that I must deal with. My overall tranquility has been compromised, and by Apple Genius Bar employees, no less.


Admission – I was a Netbook Holdout
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Technology Videos World of Warcraft Recommendations
Yes, there, I am out in the open now, ready to admit it. For the longest time I’ve been watching Netbooks, saying to myself – it’s really a useless toy, why spend money even?
Best Free Movies on Hulu – 2009 Edition
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Entertainment Hulu Streaming Video Recommendations
I noticed that they took down Most of the movies I liked on Hulu as my recommendations, a year ago. Only Girl Next Door remains, which brings up a thought of a Chicken-n-Egg situation.
Safety, Privacy and Security – Can we have it all?
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Technology Streaming Video Recommendations
I watched another excellent Nova show today, called The Spy Factory. It is an excellent in-depth investigation of the failure of US Intelligence when it came to preventing the 9/11 attack.


Google Does it Again – Picasa 3
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Consumerism Google Picasa Recommendations
Hi, Happy Thanksgiving! This is just a quick post to tell you that Google has released Picasa 3, and it is even better than the earlier versions. This is undoubtedly best software to manage your photo collection.
And The Clouds Shall Set Us Free
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Cloud Google Microsoft Programming Strata Open Source Recommendations
There is still about two weeks to Microsoft’s acclaimed Professional Developers Conference 2008, where all (or at least a lot) will be officially revealed. But I want to jump the gun and theorize, or perhaps even Dream, of what’s to come.
Flickerize me, Captain
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Flickr Personal Technology Travel Recommendations
Creative titles aren’t my specialty… Anywho, today I decided to try something that really made sense, and strangely enough, it does exist! Perhaps this is not news to anyone, but I really don’t recall seeing such a handy Map and Photo mashup available on our beloved Flickr.
Free Full Length Movies on Hulu
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Consumerism Media Recommendations
UPDATE (Jun 2009): took down most of these excellent movies, and replaced with (*expletive censored*). So I had to come up with a new list of recommendations. I just came across some excellent full length movies on Hulu, that appear to be available to everyone (in USA probably) completely free and legally!
More on Windows Vista versus Mac
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Dell Mac Technology Windows Recommendations
Yesterday Scobleizer reminded me about the whole Mac versus Vista debate, with his post about Vista on Dell’s Tablet. It seems not only Robert is having that issue, here is an Attorney with similar complaint: … another reason why I prefer Apple computers.


Kraft – Foods & Family
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Consumerism Kraft Personal Recipe Recommendations
Season Greetings! This post is probably a bit overdue, but maybe you’re still planning a big bash for New Year’s and this is definitely something useful for the new year!
WARNING: This Blog Post is Simulated
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Media Quantum Reality World of Warcraft Philosophy Recommendations
Lately I felt that I have been posting way too much on Technology or plain fun stuff, and not at all enough on Meaning of Life, as the sub-title of my blog implies.
Turn your web browsing up a notch
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FireFox Technology Recommendations
Short post today, since it’s very late. I tried out Opera 9.50 Alpha today, and while it may be as lightening fast as they claim, that doesn’t help me any.
One Week Anniversary for the blog
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Personal Recommendations
First, I promise not to celebrate each week in the future 🙂 , but I think the first week was so thrilling that it’s worth writing about. Lets start with words on the platform itself, which is WordPress.