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Tivo Disaster – If it Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?
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Consumerism HDTV Tivo Streaming Video Recommendations
It is really basic premise, and I didn’t even invent it. Alas I have to warn other potential Tivo customers, after giving company many chances to make things right and a month of monumental efforts (mostly mine).


Best Free Movies on Hulu – 2009 Edition
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Entertainment Hulu Streaming Video Recommendations
I noticed that they took down Most of the movies I liked on Hulu as my recommendations, a year ago. Only Girl Next Door remains, which brings up a thought of a Chicken-n-Egg situation.
Microsoft Envisions Our Computing Future
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Microsoft Technology Streaming Video
This is amazing demonstration by Microsoft Office Labs, what they called vision for 2019. For me, the main focus in this demo is on computing interfaces. Notice how many different ways of interacting with the “computer” are shown.
Safety, Privacy and Security – Can we have it all?
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Technology Streaming Video Recommendations
I watched another excellent Nova show today, called The Spy Factory. It is an excellent in-depth investigation of the failure of US Intelligence when it came to preventing the 9/11 attack.


Netflix on Tivo – Killer App that scores high!
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Entertainment Streaming Video Netflix Tivo
While I really appreciate that Microsoft and Netflix finally got XBox 360 going with HD streaming, I myself still wasn’t able to check it out. The reason is the silly requirement of being a Gold member.
The Simpsons – Mypods and Broomsticks
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Entertainment iPhone Mac Technology Streaming Video Windows
Apologies to all my International blog readers. This is an official Simpsons episode, and I think it only is watchable inside the US right now. I am certain if you do a quick YouTube search, or Veoh, etc, you will find another openly available copy.

2007 is Excellent
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Entertainment Hulu Streaming Video Media
Today I got invite to private Beta. Looks like they are expanding their beta user base, and I was lucky to get in on this next round. Though, pretty soon they will go public, I’m sure.
Deinterlace your Videos – Silly Amateurs!
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Streaming Video Technology Zune
Seriously, I just can’t take it any more! I am all excited about the release of the newly redesigned Zune software and firmware, which is coming out tomorrow. So, I was thrilled to watch first videos from around the web showing the new Zune features and User Interface.
Watch your Favorite TV Shows – On Netflix?!
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Entertainment Streaming Video Netflix Technology
Netflix quietly rolled out yet another wonderful feature! By now most of you have heard about Watch Now feature on Netflix, which allows you to watch up to your monthly dollar amount of hours of Movies "
New ways to Love your Prime Time TV
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Entertainment HDTV Streaming Video Media Technology
While all signs pointing to upcoming demise of TV as we know it, I think we should try to make the most of this transition period. Today, I compiled a short list of resources to help everyone’s TV addiction, now that Prime Time TV season is back with their best entertainment offerings.
Joost is growing and is as revolutionary as ever
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Entertainment Streaming Video Technology
Are you all Joost‘ed up yet? This video platform is revolutionary and is truly disruptive to Video on the Web, and even Cable TV for home. It’s perfectly legal too, since just like the broadcast model, it is advertiser supported.
Miro – Internet Video at it’s finest
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Entertainment Streaming Video Miro Technology Vuze
Miro is a new name for old time favorite Democracy player. Along with a new name, it got a grand redesign, which I like. It is currently my High Definition Internet Video aggregator of choice, along with old time favorite Vuze, of course.