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Hello World (Again!)
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Personal Hello World JamStack Hugo Gatsby Philosophy
I am Back!!! After unfathomably long hiatus - the World and I have changed much! Hope you are ready for even Crazier writing from me! As you notice, the site is vastly improved!


The Minecraft effect on our computing power
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Consumerism Gaming Personal
I spent last two days working hard on setting my youngest son up with his own dedicated desktop PC. What is interesting, is that his prime gripe about his earlier system was that it couldn’t run Minecraft properly, especially with some add-ons!


Flickerize me, Captain
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Flickr Personal Technology Travel Recommendations
Creative titles aren’t my specialty… Anywho, today I decided to try something that really made sense, and strangely enough, it does exist! Perhaps this is not news to anyone, but I really don’t recall seeing such a handy Map and Photo mashup available on our beloved Flickr.
iPhone Blues – Somebody Save Me!
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Future iPhone Personal Technology
I am calling upon you, my readers, family, friends, everyone, Save Me from this madness that is iPhone 3G Mania! Everything and Everyone and Everywhere, all they talk about is the new iPhone 3G.
Finally – Simple Fluorescent Light Bulbs Recycling
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Consumerism Global Warming Personal Recycling
I am heading to local Home Depot, where finally it should be Easy to recycle those old broken fluorescent light bulbs. All of them contain Mercury, a very dangerous Cancer causing chemical, even in small quantities can be inhaled and cause all kinds of nasty things.
I’m back to blogging! Ya, Rly!
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Technology Personal
Sorry I have been away for a while. I have so many excuses, but the truth is, I think I got “afraid” somehow. The more people know and read my blog, especially of those people who know me personally, the more I got worried about being judged based on the posts I write.
Sony is down to swindling from customers now?
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Consumerism Gaming MMORPG Personal Sony
I am just outraged now, so that is usually when I do my best writing 🙂 I’ll try to keep it brief, if possible. My son and I came across a strategically positioned CD in local GameStop about a month and a half ago, showing Final Fantasy XI Demo for PC for $2 .
Are you LOST?
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Happiness Personal
I have decided to write a series of thoughts on Happiness. This being the first official one, otherwise known as Happiness through TV viewing. Many of us like to "
Today is that day!
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Life Balance Personal World of Warcraft
I was going to write some cheesy commentary about how nVidia should branch into making computer CPUs, and finally be bought by Intel, or die out altogether. Coupled with some analysis into the future of multi-core systems and the many cores it takes to run today’s 3D applications, games, OS, and what not.
Costco Rocks!
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Consumerism Costco Personal
I want to apologize for light blogging this past week. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that our Plasma TV of long had some troubles that could not be repaired.
Happy New Year!
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Economics Personal Videos
Welcome to 2008! I am not into putting together "year end review" of 2007, like some other bloggers, and I especially don’t like all the posts on New Year Resolutions for 2008.


Kraft – Foods & Family
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Consumerism Kraft Personal Recipe Recommendations
Season Greetings! This post is probably a bit overdue, but maybe you’re still planning a big bash for New Year’s and this is definitely something useful for the new year!
Happy Hanukkah and Thanks for Reading!
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Hanukkah Personal YouTube
Happy 2007 Hanukkah everyone! It starts tonight, actually I am cooking right now and decided to take a short break just to wish everyone All The Best! I also came across this wonderful 30 seconds rendition of Hanukkah Song on YouTube.
Wives versus Mistresses
·668 words·4 mins
Family Personal Self Help
I guess I walked into this one, who knew that this would be such popular topic on everyone’s mind 😉 Disclaimer: The discussion henceforth is purely theoretical in nature.
A Very Important Post about Nothing!
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Welcome to November! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, NOT! You know it’s all downhill from here, when I am opening with a Not joke. I have been busy with silly things lately, and overall more agitated than usual, for some unknown reason.
Weekend Fun – Educational Edition – Sort off
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Weekend Fun Personal
Changing pace from negative Cyber-terror post, lets recapture our fun. Today’s video is not music video, nor is it anyone playing at the beach. It is very informative 8 minutes or so video, helping to explain the intricacies of Financial Markets Turmoil that occurred recently, including the infamous Sub-Prime Lending fiasco.
Why get your own Dot Com blog?!
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Domain Personal Technology Web Hosting Open Source
When I launched this site, several months ago, a good friend asked me why would I bother the expense, the time and the complexity of having my own separate Dot Com blog, when there are so many other web sites out there for blogging these days.
Blog Action Day – The Environment
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Global Warming Personal
Today’s post is about The Environment. Our Planet, and what are You doing to help save it? What actions are You taking daily to better the planet for our Children?
Jealous Computers and other fun stuff
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Personal Technology
Don’t worry, I didn’t disappear anywhere. I was busy most of this week planning and building my latest and greatest PC, and I am really proud of this one. I built it from the finest cost-effective components.
For my women readers
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Personal NSFW
Linking to Porn is a sure way to get lots of hits, right? But, most porn is really guy oriented, so I was happy to come across some Porn specifically for Women!