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This Week In Startups – Podcast
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Few days ago, while driving, I heard about this new podcast that Jason Calacanis and friends have put together. Sounds rather interesting, learning more about the tough and exciting world of Startups and Ventures.


Free Full Length Movies on Hulu
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Consumerism Media Recommendations
UPDATE (Jun 2009): took down most of these excellent movies, and replaced with (*expletive censored*). So I had to come up with a new list of recommendations. I just came across some excellent full length movies on Hulu, that appear to be available to everyone (in USA probably) completely free and legally!
Death at a Funeral is even funnier than the title
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Happiness Media Open Source
I hope you are checking out ‘Now Playing on My Netflix’ rubric on the right sidebar of my web site. Last week a movie Death at a Funeral was listed there, as it always shows the movies I have at home.
Watch quality Nova shows Free
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Free Media Nova Videos
I was wondering when PBS will jump on the web bandwagon and offer their shows on-demand via the Internet. I checked again today, and looks like their library is growing nicely.
Free the Music
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Consumerism DRM Media Music RIAA
In light of most recent RIAA suicide attempt (which finally may be a successful one), I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell everyone about a great music site I discovered some time ago.


Cutest Apple iPhone Commercial Yet
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I just couldn’t resist re-posting this. Remember the positive, folks, when I post some perspective on Apple within the next week or so. Comments> Comments # Comment by Boris on 2007-12-11 16:21:03 -0500> Comment by Boris on 2007-12-11 16:21:03 -0500 # I am just to remind that I’ve sold my iPhone, after two weeks of using it. is Excellent
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Entertainment Hulu Streaming Video Media
Today I got invite to private Beta. Looks like they are expanding their beta user base, and I was lucky to get in on this next round. Though, pretty soon they will go public, I’m sure.
Spore is Finally Coming Out!
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Entertainment Gaming Simulation Media
But First – Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and special Thanks for reading! While browsing Amazon’s Black Friday Deals, I stumbled across a Pre-Order page for the revolutionary game called Spore. Will Wright, one of the best known game designers, who created titles like SimCity and The Sims, is the creative Genius behind this one.
Fix Adobe Flash and watch 11th Hour Trailer
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11th Hour Adobe Flash Global Warming Media Technology Windows
I am continuing to encounter strange Adobe Flash problems in Internet Explorer 7. We have a bunch of PCs here at home, and after upgrade to IE7 several had broken Flash.
New Zune Software is Great but Buggy!
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Consumerism Media Technology Zune
This is an early report on the new Zune software, since it just came out this Tuesday (two days ago). It is a major overhaul of Zune Firmware as promised, but the Desktop software redesign seems less dramatic.
Frequent posting + Weekend Fun
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Doa2 Entertainment Media Weekend Fun XBox 360
I think I tackled this in the past, but here is a brief reminder, yet again. I am against bloging senseless! I really don’t enjoy blogs that post 10+ times each day, that’s just ridiculous!
Friday Fun – Linkin Park’s latest classic
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DivX Entertainment Media Codec YouTube
Little known fact (or maybe it’s famous fact?) about me is that I am a video technophile. I love to capture/convert/archive videos in all their form. Whether it is first time my child walked, or my favorite Music Video, and so forth.
New ways to Love your Prime Time TV
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Entertainment HDTV Streaming Video Media Technology
While all signs pointing to upcoming demise of TV as we know it, I think we should try to make the most of this transition period. Today, I compiled a short list of resources to help everyone’s TV addiction, now that Prime Time TV season is back with their best entertainment offerings.
WARNING: This Blog Post is Simulated
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Media Quantum Reality World of Warcraft Philosophy Recommendations
Lately I felt that I have been posting way too much on Technology or plain fun stuff, and not at all enough on Meaning of Life, as the sub-title of my blog implies.
More weekend fun + Amazon, Please take my MONEY!
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Entertainment Media
Enjoy a little break from the geekyness of this blog. This is one of the latest Hilary Duff videos, and it seems to be her most adult style ever, which is great by me 😉
Some labor day weekend fun
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Entertainment Media
Oh how fast they grow up…. Seemed just not too long ago they were some kids on Disney channel. And how does it work exactly? Hollywood Records it says, but they started with Disney and I am guessing they still are with Disney, in a lot of things.
Yourminis is not very user friendly
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Entertainment Media
I decided to add some widgets from yourminis to my blog, but Alas, it isn’t nearly as simple as it should be. I consider myself pretty web savvy, but configuring the embed script that it generates is been nothing but trouble.
Did you subscribe to this site yet?
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You really should subscribe, to avoid unpleasant situation that CNN ended up in. Today they finally discovered and broadcast a Video that my readers saw a week ago. — Your best source for early and relevant news!
It is official – Tipping point for H.264 reached
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Adobe Media MP4 Sony Technology
I am glad to see I called this one correctly. Looks like tipping point for H.264 is finally here, and hopefully the support across the industry will accelerate from here on.
Codec Wars and other plagues of our times
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Codec Media MP4 Technology
So, which Codec are you storing your Media in? Things like Home Movies, or recorded TV shows? How about your Music collection? Don’t even know or care what Codec is?