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It is official – Tipping point for H.264 reached
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Adobe Media MP4 Sony Technology
I am glad to see I called this one correctly. Looks like tipping point for H.264 is finally here, and hopefully the support across the industry will accelerate from here on.
We have no Internet?
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Consumerism Personal
Yep, our Internet is gone. Some very smart people from Atlanta Gas & Light (or so we hear) have dug out our neighborhood fiber-optic cable. This is even though entire ground is marked everywhere they worked, marked in all directions that it can!
Miro – Internet Video at it’s finest
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Entertainment Streaming Video Miro Technology Vuze
Miro is a new name for old time favorite Democracy player. Along with a new name, it got a grand redesign, which I like. It is currently my High Definition Internet Video aggregator of choice, along with old time favorite Vuze, of course.
Happy Friday
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I guess I am just in a Happy Friday mood, so when I came across this golden oldie, while cleaning the over 2000 unread emails from my mailbox, I decided it warrants a post.
iPhone bill Blues
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Consumerism Entertainment
First, I am glad that I am on e-billing, although I don’t have an iPhone yet. Second, I am sure we had to work hard to produce such a huge bill 😉
MP4 on Windows Vista – Part Two
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h.264 Media Center Technology Windows
I am still struggling with exact instructions on creating not just any old MP4 file, but one that is XBOX 360 compatible. It turns out to be very very hard, for unknown reason.
Codec Wars and other plagues of our times
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Codec Media MP4 Technology
So, which Codec are you storing your Media in? Things like Home Movies, or recorded TV shows? How about your Music collection? Don’t even know or care what Codec is?
One Week Anniversary for the blog
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Personal Recommendations
First, I promise not to celebrate each week in the future 🙂 , but I think the first week was so thrilling that it’s worth writing about. Lets start with words on the platform itself, which is WordPress.
Dell and Game Changing Idea Storm
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Consumerism Technology Windows
Unbeknownst to most people, Dell launched a radically excellent web site to facilitate improved communications with their customers. Dell’s IdeaStorm has a simple, yet powerful, concept. People (presumably Dell users and buyers) submit Ideas of what they would like to see improved/added/changed in Dell’s Products/Support/Services.
Windows Vista Thoughts
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Technology Windows
I have been using Windows Vista since the second Beta. Lately I am increasingly accused of being Bill Gate’s fan boy and Windows Vista proponent, so here’s a post about my take on Vista.
Iraq, Prosperity and our Dangerous roads
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Government Money P2P Lending Finance
I decided to give a try about a month ago (read my original thoughts on that), and today came across an interesting listing from our brave soldier currently deployed.
Cosmic Link
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Quantum Reality Philosophy
Right after I spent my whole weekend pondering the question of which Platform to use for this very blog, Mashable comes up with a neat post about all kinds of Host options for your Blog.
Hello World!
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Hello World Personal
Welcome to my blog. Friends and Family finally convinced me to setup my very own corner of the web, so here it is. WordPress, which is what powering this awesome web site, sets you up with the first Hello World post, which I decided to keep, symbolically.